Thursday, September 19, 2013

Colorado joins other states and the national Falls Free© Coalition in celebrating Falls Prevention Awareness Day on the first day of fall, September 22, 2013. This year’s theme, Standing Together to Prevent Falls, seeks to unite professionals, older adults, caregivers, and family members to play a part in raising awareness and preventing falls in the older adult population.

Exercise is a key component of falls prevention for older adults.  It is important that the exercises focus on increasing leg strength and improving balance, and that they get more challenging over time.  The research shows that the fall prevention benefits require a minimum of 50 hours of exercise. The evidence-based exercise programs for falls prevention include various forms of Tai Chi, as well as other specific, evidence-based falls prevention programs. 

Colorado is building a foundation of evidence-based exercise programs for fall prevention. Here are some of the programs. Keep checking back, as we'll update these lists as new classes are added.