Friday, May 23, 2014

Summit County offers free Falls Risk Screens for older adults

The Alpine Area on Aging, in partnership with the Consortium for Older Adult Wellness, offers screens performed by a licensed physical therapist.
A Falls Risk Screen is designed to help older adults identify their risk of falling based on their health history, medications, vision, history of falls and performance in gait, strength and balance tests. Using this information, the screener and the participant can make an educated decision about what type of medical care and/or evidence-based community program will help reduce the risk of falling.
There are several evidence-based falls-prevention resources in Summit County, including home health, physical therapy, home safety inspections and community classes like Stepping On, N’Balance and Tai Chi. A Falls Risk Screen can help determine the best place to start. Free Falls Risk Screens take 20 minutes and participants have the option to send results to their primary care provider. To schedule an appointment, call (888) 900-2629. To refer a patient for a Falls Risk Screen or other falls prevention resources, visit the COAW referral page ( or call (888) 900-2629.