Friday, January 30, 2015

New Study Finds Large Cost Savings for Fall Prevention Programs: Injury Center News

A new CDC study published in the Journal of Safety Research found that three evidence-based fall programs are proven to be feasible, effective, save costs, and provide a positive return on investment for society.

The analysis found that the cost of implementing the following community-based fall prevention programs is far less costly than the potential medical costs needed to care for someone injured from a fall:
  • Tai chi: Moving for Better Balance
  • Stepping On
  • The Otago Exercise Program

These research findings can help community organizations and policymakers identify and use programs that can save lives and costs.

CDC and Older Adult Fall Prevention

In our rapidly aging population, falls are a fast-growing and costly public health problem. CDC works to help keep older adults safe from falls by:
Supporting partners with online resources and technical assistance; and
Providing health care providers with information and screening tools to help identify older adults at risk of falling.

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